Business idea & accomplishments

The goal of Y Raunisto Oy (LTD) is to develop, manufacture and market products which are bringing more return on customer’s investment than competitor’s products do. Our product’s goal is to be the most productive and profitable on the market

Accomplishments since 1993 = 1st Generation Side-Grip

Side-Grip Sheet-Pile drivers: We were the first one who indroduced the Side-Grip Piler 1993, which we sold to 50 coutries. We now know that it makes the job in average 40% more profitable any conventional machine will do.
Excavator’s auto-steering device: We were the first one who succeeded to make a autosteering.
Exc’s Tilt-Rotator: Still today our tilt-rotator is the MOST advanced machine on the market.
…The traditions continue…since 2015 = 2nd Generation Side-Grip

RaMeC Multi-Purpose-Hammer: It’s honest impacting energy is over 20% higher then any competitor has.
RaMeC Side-Grip-Sheet-Driver: It will be 20-30% stronger than any other vibrator on the market.