2nd generation side-grip piler and UP/DOWN hammer
2nd generation side-grip piler and UP/DOWN hammer

1st and 2nd generation comparison

Subject1st generation2nd generationRaMeC's benefits
Location of the vibration force80-90cm (3ft) outside the pile
Inside the pile
Due to RaMeC’s patented “centric hit”, the vibration force is always 20% more in same excavator.
Vibrator's dead weightfrom 1500kg to 2500kg
RaMeC has always over 20% more vibration force in same excavator.
Ground vibrationVery high ground vibration because 1st generation is shaking the pile. Over 50% of the ground vibration is coming from the pile’s shaking.Very low ground vibration, because RaMeC “centric hit” is causing very little pile shaking.In city are near historic buildings. Railway, slopes and railway tracks.
Shaking the pile or pipe / railway track during the vibration
Very much.
Very little.
RaMeC has always over 20% more vibration force in same excavator.
30-50% less ground vibration. Also not cutting tubular pipes or railway tracks above the upper grip.
Driving piles straight in X, Y, Z and R directions- Manual steering: lots of problems in X, Y, Z and R-directions.
- Automatic steering: less problems, but needs hundreds of hours training.
Very simple and accurate teering system.
No problems in X, Y, Z, or R directions.
Due to “centric hit”, RaMeC steering is simple and reliable.
Pile wall “falling down” challenge
Big challenge for operator, because the 1st generation is naturally trying to tilt the pile to the right (R) direction.No problem, the vibration force is already in the center of the pile. Less tilting torque to the right.10-50% more driven piles.
Pile gripping force50-60 tons from 2 arms.130 tons.No grip slipping or sliding no “cat” marks.
Vibra bearings lubrication and coolingSome brands have no extra lubrication. Some brands have a minimum lubrication but no cooling.Full lubrication and cooling system.
Longer bearings life and and no breaks needed for cooling the bearings.
Service / repair costs20-30% more.20-30% less.Less service costs.
No idle time.
Hard ground (SPT>40) or double Z-profile, or reinforcement pile over 1400mm (3ft) wideNot possible.If RaMeC vibrator fails because of too hard ground, RaMeC UP/DOWN hammer can still finish the job. Only special RaMeC can handle double Z-profiles and wide, thin piles.Saving thousand and thousands of euros. No need to bring bigger, much more expensive machines to the job site.
How to verify RaMeC’s “centric hit” benefits?

You can ask the operator, how much faster the pile penetrates in to the ground after the side-grip is changed to end-grip. (He will answer over 20%). Due to “centric hit”construction, RaMeC doesn’t have any repair welding or absorbing rubber problems.

Some side-grip competitors have increased “dead weight” by 20-30%

causing vibra-force to decrease by 20-30% Now some customers are repairing their old vibrators to get “old” vibra-force back.

What every piling contractor knows or should know about most economical way of piling?


  1. Why to use vibrator instead of hammer?
    The vibrator keeps the pile in continuous UP/DOWN movement, causing ONLY dynamic friction. A hammer’s hit has to win the static friction, which is 3-4 times bigger than the dynamic friction
  2. The “dead weight” of the vibrator (see subject 2)
    The hydraulic power of powerpack (or excavator) is needed to lift/lower the pile 40-50 times a second and is keeping the pile under dynamic friction; that will say the hydraulic power is needed to lift/lower a) the “dead weight” of 800-2500kg b) the piles weight of 500-700kg and also fight the ground friction of the pile The “dead weight” of the vibrator in consisting of the gripping arms, vibrahouse, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors etc. and the weight of the vibrator going UP and DOWN for 40-50 times a second “centric hit” innovation: Only the vibrahouse including the gripping pads is going UP and DOWN.
  3. How compare vibraforces of different brands?
    The only right way is to compare the hydraulic power the vibrator is taking and adding the 20% extra power RaMeC “centric hit” technology is bringing.
    Why the hydraulic power: Some vibrator makers have RPM as 1500 l/min some 3500 l/min. Some manufacturers are using big eccentric weights torque and small RPM, etc. etc. But all manufacturers are using hydraulic power to run the vibrator.

Very simple conclusion: Less “dead weight”, more power left for the vibration