2nd generation side-grip piler and UP/DOWN hammer

From the INNOVATOR of the 1st generation Side-Grip

2nd generation side-grip

The most advanced and productive Piler on the market.


RaMeC SGV from 53hp to 200hp Side-Grip-Vibrator - ONLY RaMeC has "Centric Hit" system

2 reasons why RaMeC “centric hit” is always 20% stronger than any other Side-Grip-Vibrator in same excavator

  1. The “dead weight” in RaMeC is 800kg, in other Side-Grips 1500-2500kg
    – the “dead weight” is the weight the hydraulic motors are accelerating UP/DOWN 50 times a second)
  2. In RaMeC, the vibration force is INSIDE the pile. In all competitors it is 80-90mm (2 feet) outside of the pile

The “centric hit” causes 30-40% less ground vibration, causing very little pile shaking in hard ground: 3-7mm/s, 7 meters from the building (in soft ground: 1-3m/s)

In many countries, the maximum ground vibration values near historic buildings are 6mm/s

So called “vibration free start/stop”-system does not help anything, because vibration force is needed to achieve pile penetration

Very low working noise level, under 90db. Because “centric hit” is not shaking the pile.


RaMeC is the ONLY one of all excavator mountable vibrators , which has full lubrication/cooling


ONLY RaMeC and piling rig (leader rig) are getting the piles straight in X, Y, Z and R directions.

Do you know any other sheet-pile driver, whose operator is able to drive his 1st pile straight in X, Y, Z and R directions, only after 4 hours of training?

ONLY RaMeC has UP/DOWN hammer

If the vibrator fails, in 2 minutes the operator has changed to UP/DOWN hammer and is able to finish the job.

This is the most economical way to drive piles in to silt (london clay, cohesive soil), where even 600-800 hp vibrators are failing

Often the only way to extract jammed/dried piles.