2nd generation side-grip piler and UP/DOWN hammer

NEW products to come

We have found the solutions to improve the efficiency for the following products

1. Hydraulic breaker

We know:

  • how to increase hydraulic efficiency
  • how to reduce very harmful pressure peaks
  • how to decrease service costs of breaker´s lower parts (cylinder front head)
  • how to increase breaking capacity by 10 to 30% (we call it as “shock wave” system)

2. Tiltrotator

The biggest challenge for all present Tiltrotators is the following:

Excavator´s breakout force is decreasing by 40%.

An example: The breakout force of 25-ton excavator equipped with Tiltrotator is on the level of 16-ton excavator´s breakout force. In RaMeC Tiltrotator the equalling breakout force is on the level of 22-ton excavator.

3. RaMeC Multipurpose excavator is doing the jobs of

  • Standard excavator, but more productively
  • leader rig (piling rig) and more productively
  • demolition excavator
  • long reach boom and much more productively

4. Hydraulic hose quick-coupler

  • minimal pressure drops
  • very long lifetime compared with competitors
  • very competitive price

5. Auger

  • low headroom
  • penetration into very hard ground
  • drilling in angles is possible
  • probably the most economical way to auger