2nd generation side-grip piler and UP/DOWN hammer

The strongest hammer on the market:

UP/DOWN Hammer

RaMeC has managed to take the over 40 years old hydraulic “Hand-brake” off!

As a demolition hammer

It has the STRONGEST impact energy in it’s weight-class

The ONLY demolition hammer with “ShockWave”-System, increasing the demolition productivity

20-30% better hydraulic efficiency, less hydraulic oil heating and almost none hydraulic pressure peaks

As a steel-pile driver/extractor

ONLY hammer capable of hitting UP

Can finish the jobs which Sheet-Pile Driver has failed to do, real money maker in those jobs

As a foundation hammer/extractor

RaMeC extracts the failed foundation piles for REUSE

Adjustable blow-energy

Final hits from the cabine

ONLY demolition hammer able to do final hits (PDA)