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In an industry where innovation has plateaued over decades, RaMeC bursts onto the scene, heralding a new era of unprecedented advancements in piling technology.
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RaMeC 50/30/10

50% More Powerful

At RaMeC, we guarantee that our machinery is 50% more powerful than the industry-leading competitor, elevating your project’s efficiency and potency to unprecedented levels. Dive deeper to understand how we are revolutionizing industry standards.

30% Lower Maintenance & Repair Costs

Choose RaMeC and benefit from at least 30% lower maintenance and repair costs compared to other players in the market. We are committed to providing a solution that is not only superior but also more economical, underscoring the financial advantages of partnering with RaMeC.

10% More Versatile Applications

RaMeC promises a minimum of 10% increase in the versatility of applications compared to our nearest competitor. Witness the expanded range of possibilities with our solutions


Exclusive "Centric Hit" Technology

Unique to RaMeC: The only one to employ the “Centric Hit” central strike technology, making it 20% stronger than any other side-grip vibra in the same excavator.

Optimized Dead Weight

Lighter and More Dynamic: Features a “dead weight” of 800kg, which is significantly lighter compared to others, enhancing the machine’s performance with hydraulic motors that accelerate this weight up and down 50 times per second.

Centralized Vibratory Force

Focused and Efficient: The vibratory force is centered in the middle of the pile, reducing ground vibration by 30-40% and ensuring minimal disturbances in sensitive areas.

Low Noise Levels

Quiet Operation: Works under 90db, providing a quieter work environment, thanks to the central strike technology that doesn’t shake the pile.

Precise Control System

Quick Mastery: Allows direct control in X, Y, Z, and R directions, with users able to master driving their first pile in all directions with just 4 hours of training.

UP/DOWN Hammer Feature

Continuity in Work: Offers a quick switch to the UP/DOWN hammer in just 2 minutes to continue work, representing the most economical solution for driving piles into silt, where even 600-800 hp vibras fail.

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