RaMeC 50/30/10 ”Centric hit” 2nd generation Side-Grip Sheet-piler

Over 50% stronger than any other Side-Grip.

Over 30% Lower Maintenance & Repair Costs.

10% More Versatile Applications.

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The RaMeC 2nd generation Side-Grip vibrator represents a leap in piling technology, incorporating innovative features that set it apart in the market. Leveraging “centric hit” technology, it achieves higher vibration force with over 50% less dynamic weight, enhancing efficiency and power. Its design allows for rapid changing of pipe clamps within 15 minutes, a stark contrast to the industry norm, facilitating a smoother workflow.

RaMeC 50/30/10

Over 50% stronger than any other Side-Grip

At RaMeC, we guarantee that our machinery is 50% more powerful than the industry-leading competitor, elevating your project’s efficiency and potency to unprecedented levels. Dive deeper to understand how we are revolutionizing industry standards.

Over 30% Lower Maintenance & Repair Costs

Choose RaMeC and benefit from at least 30% lower maintenance and repair costs compared to other players in the market. We are committed to providing a solution that is not only superior but also more economical, underscoring the financial advantages of partnering with RaMeC.

10% More Versatile Applications

RaMeC promises a minimum of 10% increase in the versatility of applications compared to our nearest competitor. Witness the expanded range of possibilities with our solutions

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UP/DOWN Hammer

RaMeC UP/DOWN Hammer is the Strongest hammer on the market. RaMeC has managed to take over 40 year old hydraulic “Hand-brake” off. RaMeC’s UP/DOWN prototype hammer has made a unique mark in the field of piling by delivering unmatched performance in Germany, England, Ireland, Tallinn, and Joensuu, Finland. It has achieved tasks that even a 550-horsepower piling rig was unable to complete. Following the completion of four successful prototypes, mass production is set to commence in the fall of 2024.

In-Depth Sheet Piling Job Report

Explore how RaMeC Side-Grip performs against traditional End-Grip vibrators in a large-scale project spanning 800,000 meters (2.4 million feet) of sheet piling. This report offers a meticulous evaluation of various setups. Gain insights into key performance metrics such as vibration power, measured performance, and manpower requirements.

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Yrjö Raunisto, a mechanical engineer, revolutionized Finland’s construction industry with innovations like Side-Grip technology and the UP/DOWN hammer, leading to cost reductions and global expansion.

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