RaMeC UP/DOWN Hammer is the Strongest hammer on the market. RaMeC has managed to take over 40 year old hydraulic “Hand-brake” off. RaMeC’s UP/DOWN prototype hammer has made a unique mark in the field of piling by delivering unmatched performance in Germany, England, Ireland, Tallinn, and Joensuu, Finland. It has achieved tasks that even a 550-horsepower piling rig was unable to complete. Following the completion of four successful prototypes, mass production is set to commence in the fall of 2024.

USe CAses

As a demolition hammer

  • It has the strongest impact energy in it’s weight-class
  • The only demolition hammer with “ShockWave“-System, increasing teh demolition productivity
  • 20-30% better hydraulic efficiency, less hydraulic oil heating and almost none hydraulic pressure peaks.

As A steel-pile driver/extractor

  • Only hammer capable of hitting up
  • Can finish the job which Sheet-Pile Driver has failed to do, real money maker in those jobs


As a foundation hammer/Extractor

  • RaMeC extracts the failed foundation piles for reuseadjustable blow-eenrgy
  • final hits from the cabine
  • only demolition hammer able to do final hits (PDA)


Technical data


Model UD-3000/4000
Weight 1400kg
Without Pile-Grip and tilting device 1200kg
UP/DOWN version 1600kg
Impact energy Portably adjustable
Oil-flow 50-250 l/min
Blows a minute 20-250
Working pressure 200 bar
Total length, including working tool 2300mm
Time needed to change hitting direction 10-15 seconds